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​​​Welcome to Marksark.net! This is the official web page for Mark's Ark Pet Store in Lake Worth, Florida. We are located at the South West corner of Lake Worth Rd. and Military Tr. right next to Office Depot.

Mark launched his store in 1990 and has worked hard to establish it as one of the premier stores in Palm Beach County.
We specialize in small animals, exotic pets, reptiles, birds, aquatic plants, fish, and corals.  We have a friendly knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the right pet, answer your questions, or troubleshoot your problems.   
After 25 Years...Just a Quick Note From Mark,
This year is number 25 for Mark's Ark! WOW!
Like many small business owners I started as a hobbyist, and quickly (through necessity) became consumed by the daily demands of running a business. A business with more than its share of challenges and commitments. Somewhere along the way ( around year 7) I lost the hobbyists' interest in the product line I represented. I was tired of pets! It's like the mechanic with the car that barely runs. I didn't realize that I wasn't interested in the hobby because there were so many challenges and work related matters that centered around the hobby. Then one day my wife brings home an aquarium for our new game/theater room. "Please don't." I persisted. " I don't want to clean any fish tanks in my little time off." Well, she did it anyway, and placed the new 30 gallon cube tank just to the right of my brand new 65 inch HD TV! Crap! A few days later I get home from the store about 10:30 p.m. and pour a glass of wine, turn on that glorious TV, and plop down in the recliner. Two minutes later I realize I'm staring at the $200.00 fish tank and totally ignoring my $2500.00 TV!!!!! It dawns on me that watching fish is more relaxing than wine, recliners, and glorious TV screens!  I get it, again! That 30 gallon fresh water tank is still there today and I always look forward to my nightly fish fix! Thanks to all our awesome customers over the last 20 years. It really has been fun.      ~ Mark


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